I Can't Sleep, And It Is 3:02 a.m.

@Rozie37 (15503)
May 2, 2007 5:07am CST
I have done everything I possibly could to sleep and it has not worked. I normally get up at 6:30a.m. I am afraid I will be up all night. I am typing in slow motion because the sleeping pill is kicking in slowly. I would lay down, but I am afraid to toss and turn. When all else fells, what do you do to fall asleep?
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@derek_a (10902)
2 May 07
About 30 years ago, we had a heatwave and I could not sleep at all for several nights. I ended up visiting the doctor who gave me sleeping pills. They did not work either. Then I gave up trying to sleep and did meditation instead. This is where I still my mind and focus only on my breathing gong in and out of my lungs. If I get other thoughts come into my mind, I bring it back to focusing on my breathing. After a while, that is all I am aware of and feel very calm and still. Sometimes this does not happen though. This is almost a good as natural sleep. These days, I don't sleep very long, but never take anything for it. I have come to realise that if my body really needs sleep, it will do so. This is how I do it, and it works for me. We are all different, but if you are awake anyway, doing something will only make your mind more active and you'll be awake even more. But stilling the mind and accepting what is happening will calm things down a little.
@Manoj_s (939)
• India
2 May 07
i have found out a best cure for insomnia that is doing breathing exercises (pranayama of yoga) that will defenitely solve your problem do it in the morning 6.00 amm for 30 minutes one breathing technique iss anuloma viloma or alternate nostril breathing and kapalbhati .learn watching the t.v channels mentioned in the following websites www.divyayoga.com www.powerofbreath.org he is coming to uk and us next month. also wash only your head for ten minutes under normal temperature water before going to bed . dont take pills that will make your health worse.
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@tyuepsc (189)
• China
2 May 07
When i am suffering from insomnia, I will shift my mind to other things, the more you focus your attention on sleep, the harder you can have a sound sleep. So take it easy and let it be, don't think too much.
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@laila675 (528)
• United Arab Emirates
2 May 07
hope you are already sleeping right now sweet dreams...