What do you think about time?

@thefuture (1750)
May 2, 2007 7:55am CST
I often hear people talk about time and I do try to veiw what time is. Some people do say; let me go somewhere and waste time, some say; I want to go out and have some drinks (most especially alcoholic) so as to spend my time since I've got nothing doing and some decide to sleep without control. I use to get worried sometimes, cos some don't make use of their time and Whenever I hear the word time, sometimes I feel am getting older without acheiving what I want, considering the fact that am 22 and not in school at the moment, cos of finance. I do feel one of the most important thing in this life is time management. Please tell me what you think about time. Does it really matter to you?? Do you feel you are getting older without achieving what you want??? Thanks for your response in advance.
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