When you meet a cockroach ......

@shogunly (1406)
May 3, 2007 8:35am CST
1. Do you stoop down , overcome your revulsion , and try to know it better , work out some common ground to initiate a dialogue and discuss why it disgusts you , what it can do to live peacefully with you , maybe become friends ? OR 2. Do you feel sick to the stomach , step on it as hard as you can , while looking away , feeling a satisfaction at the cracking sound of its little disgusting body , have a little fun watching it twitch its whiskers in it's death throes , wonder at the various juices oozing out of it's crushed body , then find a way to get somebody else to carry the remains to flush them down the toilet ?
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• India
3 May 07
Well to tell you the truth I actually tend to learn more about these wonderful creatures. These creatures if I remember my biology lessons well have been around from the age of the dinosaurs. Iam always thinking how strong these creatures are that they have survived this long. I would really like to communicate with them and know their secrets to their survival.
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• United States
3 May 07
I like your question. The answer certainly is not #1. Afterall, a cockroach is just a cockroach and it is better to simply dispose of it as quickly and efficiently as possible. As where there is one cockroach there are often many, it is also a good idea to call in the exterminator or the army as the case may be.
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@liranlgo (5748)
• Israel
5 May 07
When a cockroach decides to visit me i am always astonished. I look at him, thinking to myself, what the hell was he thinking about when he decided to enter my territory. Does he not know that this is my room, and his world should be outside. I just look at him trying to think what would be my next step. Now i do not feel sick because of him, and i do not want to kill him, because i do not think i should kill anything, unless he threatens to hurt me, so i just draw a tactic map in my head, trying to see how i can convince him, to move towards the door out side of my room, and go around to other places of my room. i usually succeed in doing that. Lol. And i shut down the door so any of his friends won't pay me any visit also. Lol.
@urbandekay (18312)
3 May 07
I generally avoid killing or causing damage to any living animal unless their is pressing need, I have on occasion killed ticks and fleas and other parasites that are living on animals I look after and wasps when they have made a nest in our house. I have ended the live of several animals that have been injured in road accidents and where in pain. all the best urban