which is your favourite Laptop Model.. if you were to buy?

A typical Laptop - A laptop like this one cost money. Which model do you prefer?
May 3, 2007 12:43pm CST
I find laptop very convinient for my work. I use IBM thinkpad, and so far i ve found it very reliable. Incase you get some good money, which model would you go for?
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@hijas007 (1386)
• India
4 May 07
my favorite is sony vaio but it is expensive!i just bought a brand new 'Acer' laptop.which is aspire 5050 series.i recommend acer if you are a budget conscious buyer because acer come with all features like wi-fi,dual layer dvd writer,duo core processor with 64 bit,and many more feature comparatively cheaper than any other brand. my acer config is AMD turion 1.6GHz Duo core 64,1GB DDR2 RAM,ATI 1100 Gfx with PS2.0,Dual layer DVD writer,120GB HDD,wi-fi,card reader,bth,integrated WEB CAM. and the price difference compared to other brand is about 8-10000 INR! if you looking for performance gofor sony vaio!sony vaio is best performance laptop among all lap!
@brothertuck (1257)
• United States
3 May 07
I've owned 3 laptops. I had different reasons for getting each. The first was an IBM thinkpad, it was 100meg pentium, back when they just went from 486 to pentium models. It wasn't the cheapest but wasn't expensive either. It did what I wanted, had enough power for running Win95, which was the current OS. I did some shopping around, but had been satisfied with an IBM desktop I had back in 386 days so went with IBM. All reports I had and all experience I had dealing with IBM was posetive so it was a good choice. The second was a Toshiba Satelite. I got it second hand. It was a 366 meg running Win98 and then WinME. A friend had it and i got it dirt cheap. It also ran what I asked it to run, but was limited in gaming programs. I liked it but was not impressed enough to get a new one when I bought a new laptop last year. The third is the one I am using now. It is Dell XPS, it is one of the mid ranged pricewise. This I configured to what I need. I like the way you can decide what you want to add and not add. I am into open source so have my own copy of open office instead of MS office. It is powerful, but if I had another thousand dollars to play with I would have gone for an Alienware gaming laptop. I do have one complaint of the laptop I got, there is a game I have been playing, that they came out with a new version. The new version doesn't play on this because the video card isn't powerful enough and doesn't run some of video that is required of it. I would be happy with getting an IBM or a Dell, but as with how I built this one, I would check out what is offered and compare it to what I need. Next time though, I have to look further into the future to make sure that it is capable of running programs that I want to run next year.