Suns must beat Spurs.!

May 3, 2007 3:47pm CST
In the second round of NBA playoffs..Two best team meet.Suns and Spurs.! It's really hard to say who will win the second around,but I favors to Suns.! 1.I am a fan of Suns because of their style.It's so beautiful. 2.Suns makes 2 year NBA west finals ..they have MVP ..they can't make a mistake this season.! 3.Even though Spurs is so strong,but they are really too old and they can's follows the Suns's rhythm.they were beatn by AI and Melo in the first game is explained that. 4.Suns's inside is not as week as last year,TD has no absolute superiority. SO,I say:Suns will win the second around
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4 May 07
i also believe the suns will win the second round. i am a big fan of amari, boris and marion. they have a very stong presense on the court. Barbosa to me is an all around player and shaun marin has the ability to shoot a jumper or take it to the hole. the Suns win second round.
@Mickie30 (2633)
3 May 07
I do not watch this well I hope Suns win for you.