Got to get to working

United States
May 4, 2007 5:00am CST
I seem to be the only child.My brothers never lift a finger to help with manual work at our parents home.It is left up to me.Thier wives wont even help me out.I have to mow, weedeat, pull weeeds out of flowerbed, garden and help my mom clean house and today I get to cut her hair, and make her a new set of curtains for her kitchen that was just rebuilt with a walking diningroom and new bathroom and new laundry room ,which only one helped me was my dad to build all of that.Sometimes I feel like I have too much to do.Like there is not enough of me to go around.Right now it's raining out and will be til Sunday, and I am thankful due to the fact I can rest some.I haven't cleaned my house in a day and it looks sick to me, so I have to get it done this morning before I make my daily trip. Is there other people out there who feel as I do? I am happy to help my parents, cause they have helped me so very much in life.But they have also helped my brothers out so why don't they pitch in and help too, why is thier lives so much more important than mine that they can't spare a day to help out?And there is no use talking to either of them ,they wont listen and or pay no heed to my wants or even thier parents.
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@xuyiyi (35)
• China
4 May 07
I feel so sorry for you .I don't like the unfairness in your family.Why should all the manual work at your parents home be put on your shouder? Then you should try to reason with your parents and tell them that your brothers are also members in your family and sure enough they have the share of the family work.Family members should help each other.Love and help are the ribbon link the family members.
@sunita64 (6474)
• India
4 May 07
It is really true that girls are more affectionate and care more for their parents as compared to boys. Thankfully my brother is very fond of making tea so whenever we are working very hard in one work or other he makes tea for us and even this much of help from him is really we love.
• United States
4 May 07
Kudos to your brother.He seem nice .Your lucky to have him to do that.My brothers would tell me to"Do It Yourself".