if God is everywhere, is He in hell?

@eemee468 (446)
May 4, 2007 9:31pm CST
what do you think about this?
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@marcelinx (115)
• Brazil
5 May 07
One liners are not allowed here. If you are going to ask something, at least you should give your opinion first. You can't spam. About your question, I don't think you should take sayings like "God is everywhere" seriously. And your question is a little stupid too (not trying to be offensive). I mean, do YOU think he is in hell? Problem solved. Of course, I don't believe in God and this is just my opinion.
@eemee468 (446)
• Philippines
5 May 07
i asked this, because i do.. yup.. He's the One punishing souls down there...
@taurus54 (320)
• Philippines
5 May 07
Yes I believe he can be everywhere.He created all things in the universe.Studying the Bible is the primary source of your question,or you can visit here:http://www.spiritlessons.com/
@Harley009 (1420)
• India
9 May 07
According to our beliefs, God is omnipotent, but not omnipresent. In another sense all the things finally points to the truth of his presence and power. He is over all things and he is the all-knower, all-hearer. We can't consider him a person as we assume. He will not be in hell, but all controls belong to him.
@xParanoiax (6999)
• United States
8 May 07
Haha..well, I'll try to strain my brain and think within another religion's pantheon..hrm.. I'd rather think God's in hell too. Perhaps he and the devil really aren't so seperate, hm? After all..NOTHING'S one aspect of morality or the other. It'd make sense for God to be both negative and positive, wouldn't it?