What Does More Money Do For You?

United States
May 5, 2007 8:48pm CST
I am interested to see everyones opinions on money. What is your definition of money? Why do you need more money? What would you do with an infinite amount of money? I love Eckhart Tolle's - author of The Power of Now - attitude toward money. He was asked what was it like to suddenly be so successful financially, and he said, "For years I had no money, and that was okay, and now I have money, and that's okay too."
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@Savvynlady (3685)
• United States
17 May 07
Money makes me want to have it; I am a single mother with two teenaged daughters; I've had it and then I've hadn't and I kind of like that man's (Tolle's)attitude; either way it's ok because you know what you have to do. I have two jobs now. I got two teenagers who want to dominate one computer and that just won't do; I also have to help in the cost of now burying my father who just passed away on Monday; I want to eventually move out of my mom's place and into one of my own although now with one less person, who knows? If I had an unlimited amount of money(or infinite), I would pay my bills, move into my own place and then help some folks out who could use the help as well as make sure I don't have to worry about money again ever. me or my family.
@rsa101 (17834)
• Quezon City, Philippines
6 May 07
Well I just need to pay for my debt and some extra for the things I like to buy and security for my family. That is my top priority if I would be given a chance to earn more money than what I am earning right now.