Iraq, time to get out

May 6, 2007 9:26am CST
I am not a pacifist, indeed I supported the last gulf war but I have always been totally opposed to the second war with iraq, as despite the terrible human right atrocities, it was clear that military action would simply generate more violence. I feel that Bush and Blair have lost the plot and it's time to get out before more suffering is caused.
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@KrisNY (7591)
• United States
10 May 07
First off let me say that no matter how much we oppose the war- we have to support our soldiers! How do I feel about this war in Iraq? I think it is taking too long- I think that we should either send in more troops to finish the job or we should bring all of the troops home- In doing so we need to be extra careful of how we do this- We don't want to put them in any danger- and we don't want to put ourselves in America in any danger. My brother is a US Soldier- fighting right now for our very freedom in Iraq! I would give anything to have him home in the states- ensuring his safety and making his families life easier! He tells me that right now it is the right place for him to be- His job is to protect us- DId Bush and Blair make the wrong decision and send troops to Iraq?? I don't think so- but is it wrong that we are still there? I believe so- God bless our Soldiers!
• Kottayam, India
10 May 07
It is now understood that by coming to Iraq Mr.Bush & Mr. Blair made mistake,may be they are right because of their respective commercial interest.Now come out of Iraq and let them have their own destiny and help people of Iraq by way of financial help. Innocent people are killed on both sides.Please take suitable actions to reduce hostilities.
@EvanHunter (4028)
• United States
7 May 07
I am not a pacifist either but cant say I really support whats going on now. I think once we got Saddam we shoulda got out. Or better yet he shoulda been gotten and couldve been gotten without us ever having gone to war. Do I think we should hunt down ever crazy dictator, no but I do believe we should have gotten this one because we helped him get to power to begin with. Every time you stick your hand in others affairs dont be suprised if you get it bit. If as much money time and resources were spent on our own country that has been spent on this war we would have better schools, better roads, lower taxes (not just for the rich), less unemployment. Do you have to worry about whats going on in the world??? of course but you own house needs to come first.
7 May 07
yep I think it's a fair point you make about putting our own houses in order first and I agree. It's the constant dabbling that often causes more resentment on the international scene. I'm not saying western powers shouldn't intervene to protect innocent lives in others countries but I think we all need to think long and hard before we go to war. Afterall horrible attrocities are going on in Sudan, where there are millions of refugees fleaing from a tyranical government, and also in Zimbabwee but these seemed overlooked, probably because there is much in the way of oil..... thanks again for your comments
@rosie_123 (6118)
6 May 07
Well, I have never supported the War from the beginning, so I would definately agree with you. I know this is an emotive issue, and don't wish to upset any posters here who may have lost friends or loved ones in Iraq, or have family there at the moment, but to me it was always a pointless war, - well, frankly, I feel all war is pointless, but that is my own personal viewpoint. Young, innocent lives are being lost - and for what? Tony Blair has risked so many of our own people, both in the armed forces and ordinary citizens facing terrorism on our streets here in London, just because he wanted to "toady" up to Bush. And why? And for what? The sooner we get out the better in my own opinion.
7 May 07
I totally agree and this is been my position from the outset of the war, like wolfie commented earlier, we just don't learn from previous experiences that going to war in certain conditions just doesn't work and just entrenches the attitudes to terroists. I think the war in IRAQ and upon terror generally has made the world far more dangerous. Whilst I genuinely feel for the attrocity of 9/11 in the US, and I fully support the US in condeming what happend, I just wonder whether a more positive outcome could have been achieved for US citizens could have been achieved had they gone down a diplomactic/isolationist route towards those who comitted it, particularly with the ground swell of support they had worldwide at the time.
12 May 07
Unfortunately, the way I see things, is that you can't just pull all the troops out without the risk of total anarchy and violence. There is no question in my mind that Bush & Blair did not plan for the aftermath of the conflict in any suitable fashion, this has now turned into a long game. There would be a risk of civil war breaking out between the different factions Sunni's and Sh'ites, not to mention the possibility of other rogue nations taking advantage of the situation, Iran springs to mind. I am certainly not a war mongorer, but I think that we started this, we must and we should see it through, but it must be done more and more from a political and peaceful stance, keep the conflict to an absolute minimum. It all sounds so simple, but it really isn't. The world is rid of a tyrant, many more remain and there are so very many political arguments that could be had about this whole subject, but I just feel quite passionately that we have a duty to stick with Iraq until a more widespread peace is maintained, and that means that troop withdrawals will only be staggered and logical. I just feel there is too much of a risk of things turning into all out total mess if all troops go immediately.
• Indonesia
8 May 07
yup i agree bush must take the truth that they must go out from iraq
@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
6 May 07
Lets face it, Iraq is another Vietnam, we didn't learn then and we are certainly not learning now, but will we admit that we are fu**ed and that we are losing good men as cannon fodder? It is heartbreaking that we are losing young men and women. Blood on the politicians hands but they are nice and safe tucked up in their ivory towers. As if they don't have enough blood from Vietnam, why don't they learn?
• Philippines
6 May 07
i agree with you on this, lightlysalted. for me, they had done enough to free iraq of what has made its people oppressed for so long. by now, it is their time to take the cudgels of government and in maintaining the peace in their own country.