Do u dream of becoming a MAYOR?

May 7, 2007 1:23am CST
Few days from now, we will soon know who will sit in the Senate, in the Capitol Hall and in the City Hall. Few days from now, we will soon know who will rule our city. But have you ever wonder how it is to be the Mayor in the city? Have you ever dream of becoming one? The incident that I witnessed gave me the idea to write. As the jeepney driver waited for the traffic light to turn green, I sat silently near the rear of his jeep waiting for it to go. The traffic and the heat of the sun that gives uneasy sweat in my body bothered me a lot. I am about to be impatient when these two vehicle behind the jeep where i ride made a scene--a 4x4 black Hi-Lux pick up. And if you are not familiar with the owner of these luxury cars, you could just say that i'ts just one of the many cars that you see on the road. But because I am a resident of the city, I should know because the owner of these vehicles is just the father of the city--the Mayor himself. This is not the first time I have seen these vehicles. If our routes meet, I got the chance to see these big and polished luxury cars. HOwever, you could not see the people inside it for it is tinted. And as they say if you hapen to see these cars, you expect that you will see the Mayor. That's his trademark car. Anyway, the back of the mayor's vehicle is full of men in uniform. I guess these peole are his bodyguards. And as they are stranded from the traffic, each one of them moved out from the pick-up. Three of them acted like traffic aides even if there are traffic aides on the street while the others were walking near the pick-up as if guiding the car to its way. They are giving orders to the drivers to give them way. And as expected, these jeepney drivers obeyed so as this Mayor's car will have the chance to pass the traffic and drive going to the Mayor's house--the City Hall. The car, then, managed to stay away from the traffic while our jeep still caught in that long traffic. Witnessing the scenario, I just couldn't help be be amazed of how powerful a mayor could be. With his power to rule the city, it is just but right to acknowledge his presence. But in the traffic area? Well, it could be, after all, politics killing is rampant. I know that what I have seen is just a tip of the iceberg. The other many opportunities and privileges are yet to be known and be seen. No wonder why many people, especially those who belong to the political clan, seem to fight up up to their last breathe just to be seated in the City Hall. What it is then to be a Mayor? Is educational background still important in ruling the city? Or does it take guts and connection to be in the position? I guess in some areas, these two factors are important but there are other cities where money and connection rule. Whether we like it or not, we have to givein order to get their votes. It is sad to know, but this is the truth. But to become a Mayor, I have realized that one should have and should earn M-A-Y-O-R slot. A person who wishes to be in the position should have the MONEY to become a potential candidate; ACTIVE in every activity, or should I say be visible enough to the community; YIELD to the desire of many voters for their votes count a lot; OVERWHELMING supporters in order to get the numbers; and RESPECT so that everybody will love and admire you. M for MONETARY. Let's face it, money is very important if you wish to run, especially if you wish to win. In an urbanized area, the word "kamang" (crawl) is very so true. Each person has an amount to be able to get the vote. In one city that I observed, I would say that the incumbent mayor has nothing to give to the city just a-thing-of-the-accomplishment-that-i-made-in-this-city-is-YOU. Yeah, right! So much for the sneak and snitch speech that she has made. The opponent though, has so many things to offer. Aside from the fact that her father used to be the mayor of the city for three terms, she has what it takes to be a MAYOR. Though, that's another story to tell. What she lacks now is the money that would support her winning. As what the other camp is saying, the incumbent has five million dollars now to give to the people. In case you don't know, that's what made her won last election. And as for any candidates for that matter, it takes MONEY, and not-so-intellectual-mind for them to win the race. A for ACTIVE. If you notice before election year, people who plant to run are very visible in the city. It may be that person is very active in every activity in the barangay by donating any means that would recognize his or her presence. Other people who are already on the position yet still aiming for higher position tend to give projects even if it's not their area. That's one of the strategies, i believe, for the hopefuls' politicians. Come to think of it, they have to be acknowledged so that people will know them. Y for YIELD. When people know that you are running for such position, expect that there would be a lot of people who will take advantage of the situation. People will come and go to your house, asking for help, whether be in cask or in kind. And with that, you can never say no for the meantime because you are after their votes, right? YOu have to anticipate then that there are some who will ask for money to buy rice and viand for them to have food on the table and others would ask for money for transportation to go home to their barangays so that they cann tell their relatives about you. Unbelievable? No, this is true. I've witnessed such incident. O for OVERWHELMING supporters. You can run even if you have no supporters but expect that you will not win. Supporters are very important for you to win especially if you are after higher position like MAYOR. Take note that a city is composed of many barangays, thus, you cannot visit all the barangays. And because of this, you need supporters who will help you and who will vote for you. Lastly, R for RESPECT. Respect is very important for any person to win. Without this, you will not be able to get the trust and confidence of every citizen if people do no respect you. Thus, respect should be earned so that people will admire you and will have a high regard not only for the position that you are in but also as a person who will be valued and respected. With that, do you take to be a MAYOR then? If yes, the prepare yourself for the next election. After all, you still have three years to make things happen. As they say, many are called but only few are chosen. I hope that you are one of the few chosen.
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@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
7 May 07
Please keep your discussion short and sweet. Can't read it properly.
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@psyche49f (2511)
• Philippines
29 May 07
Right, follow the KISS...Keep it simple, and short...he, he, he. Have not read it 'coz of the length...
• India
8 May 07
I think u r explaning the word 'MAYOR' but u have to use as short as possible and must be clear so u will get the great rating and nobody will not read these much.