Talking to oneself: is it a sign of insanity or more of a therapy?

@Abbyey (760)
May 7, 2007 5:14pm CST
Have you experience talking to yourself, and answering back. Not particularly in front of a mirror but more of when you are watering the plants or cooking or ironing or anything you are used to do. To those who are not used to seeing people talking to their own self it seems like a sign of insanity but i just recently find out that there are people who actually do talk to themselves for therapy purposes. It helps them release what emotions they may have and somehow gain confidence as they talk positive things to themselves. But this has to come as talking POSITIVE things and NOT negative things. If ever its negative the other half should be positive. It doesnt mean he/she is having a split personality but more of re-evaluating herself/himself. Im still researching about this further, how about you, what do you think of this kind of actions? Is it a sign of plain insanity or will you consider it as a therapy too?
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7 May 07
Since when has talking to oneself ever been a sign that someone's insane? Billions of people think out loud, practice speeches, or just like to hear how words sound out loud.
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8 May 07
Interesting discussion, and they seem to be rare these days! The expression you usually hear is "It's OK as long as you don't answer yourself." But a friend of mine said it better, I think. It's OK to talk to yourself as long as you don't argue. And a lot of people say that it is the only way they get any intelligent conversation. I started out talking to my dog. Then I found I was still talking out loud even when he wasn't around. Now I usually add to my one-sided conversations, "And now I'm talking to myself."