Victor Wood? He SHOULDN'T!

May 8, 2007 2:48pm CST
Okay. The past few days we talked about Manny Pacquiao and the other movie stars joining the election bandwagon. Some of you are willing to give a chance to these candidates and vote for them. I watched GMA-7's program last sunday, a simple question and answer program featuring the current Senatorial Candidates from all political parties answering questions that could at least give a hint on their political platforms - not to mention the way they could handle with with composure and wit. Now, I saw Victor Wood and man, I couldn't believe a political party even nominated him to be their candidate. After seeing him perform in that show, I had this one conclussion - Not even in ten lifetimes would i vote for Victor Wood. He should be chopped down!
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• Philippines
14 May 07
If we just somehow stick & believe to a high standard in choosing our candidates, these guys would not even dare think of running. Somehow our electoral codes are founded in chances not guarantees. Election is a concept anyway of freedom, of leadership, & that concept should be brought onto the levels of the highest possible standards so that not even popularity & riches would suffice to shake it but rather become willing instruments to those who are capable. Art is to artists as politics is to politicians they might be similar but never the same, just water & oil both are liquid but never can be the same. Victor Wood, whomever else, just can't jump in career shift, they should take the test of time in integrity, that way guarantees may not be perfect but at the least it increases the quality of such guarantee. Just imagine, if these politicians, with their clout would go into the arts of movies or singing, how would it affect the art community in general? a mockery. The Philippines is such a beautiful & blessed country, where its people are yet to discover these.
@rsa101 (17149)
• Quezon City, Philippines
10 May 07
Although it was good that he was honest enough to accept that he doesn't know a thing about what is being ask of him but it won't help him convince voters to vote for him. I guess he should be considered nuisance candidate already. He's just hiding in a political party that is so unpopular nowadays.
@khitkhat (373)
• Philippines
10 May 07
hahahaha i was able to watch this too. and lemme just say, he should've just saved us all the trouble and not say anything. hahaha. he's nonsense.. and he's not reallya threat. :)