Why horses ARE mans best friend

May 9, 2007 6:13am CST
Dogs are always said to be mans best friend but i have come up with many reasons why horses should be mans best friend: 1) Horses have always been there to transport us humans from place to place. 2) They are very clever animals and will show love and care for their owner. 3) Horses can be used to help humans at work for instance in the mounted police, help third world farmers etc. 4) They provide pleasure for us humans. 5) They are beautiful for the eye and are a friend to us humans. Please write to me about your opinions about horses being mans best friend.
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• United States
10 May 07
I agree with you. I prefer my horses over my dogs any day. They are far more loyal to me. They follow me just like a puppy, whereas my dogs I have to keep on a leash when I take them out. The only problem with a horse is it can't sleep with you. Although there have been many nights I feel asleep in the stall with one of my horses. *laughs*
10 May 07
Lol well if you can't fit them in your bed you may as well sleep in theres good to know how you feel. Thanks.
@dania13 (96)
• Canada
30 May 07
OHHHH Yes, Horses are the Best Friend, but in my case i went for dogs and cats because of the $$ money restrictions in our budget, the care, the need for a good place, fields, forrests trails, and vet. expenses... * Horses are in my Dreams and i visit Horses school when i am in "need" LOL
@ocalhoun (199)
• United States
25 May 07
Well, for the same reasons, I've heard them referred to as man's best servant, rather than friend. Despite the fact that I'd much rather build friendship with a horse than with a dog.
@cdejac (98)
• United States
20 May 07
I love horses! I grew up in a rural community where there are a lot of Amish. When I was growing up, my friends and I belonged to the 4-H Saddle Club. I enjoyed the trail riding the best and then jumping. You're right about horses. I love dogs also, but there is nothing better than getting on the back of a horse and galloping down a trail or just a leisurely walk. If I lived in a rural area today, like I did then, I would rather ride a horse than get in a car to get where I want to go. Horses are beautiful animals and I hope to someday own another horse. cdejac
• Norway
13 May 07
Horses wa much more usefull before and now its not a tool or a worker but an item used for pleasure and fun.
@priti45 (372)
• India
11 May 07
I feel like they are gentle giants. And thats why we get the feeling that they mans best friend.
@Calais (10900)
• Australia
9 May 07
Yes, you are right, they are beautiful natured sophisicated animals. I love them, I have owned horses all my life, I have 4 at the moment. They are great and make me happy.
• United States
9 May 07
I would agree with that. If it wasn't for horses in the past, railroads, buildings, etc. would have taken alot longer to build. Horses were used to deliver mail, carry supplies, wagons, etc. Man would have had it rough without the horse.
• India
9 May 07
yes horses are mans best friends i accept ur opinion but all cannot like horses bcause we have to special care to them but dogs we donot want to take any special care it will live with us so all prefer dogs not the horses.