is really thierry henry is the best player in arsenal???

thierry henry - the picture of henry
May 11, 2007 5:26am CST
most people says that henry is the best player in arsenal. but how about the other talented players like fabregas and persie? what you think???
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@ram_cv (16516)
• India
13 May 07
Thierry Henry is a legend in Arsenal. He has been there, done that and has made a name for himself. But, if we look at the issue from the point of view of last season, then Arsenal's best player was without a doubt, Cesc Fabregas. Also, Henry requires a midfield giant to fight for the balls and feed it to him as he rarely trudges back and fights for the ball. When Viera was around, he used to consistently do that, but after his departure, the likes of Gilberto and co have not been able to do that consistently. With Fabregas stepping in the Viera mould, I expect Henry to recieve more better service next year and hope to see him back at his best. Cheers! Ram
24 May 07
You are right last season Fabregas has shown flair and brilliance. I had a doubt when we sold Viera but not anymore, we made money as well giving a young person like Fabregas a chance to develop in the first team. He has been such an integral part of the team in the recent season. With Henry's return looming the outlook is positive for Arsenal.
@lothlor (32)
• South Africa
23 Oct 07
I think it will be a tough pick between Henry and Bergkamp!!! Still a bit cheesed off that he left('',)
• Indonesia
16 Oct 07
The best person in Arsenal is ARSENE WENGER!!
25 Sep 07
He wont see himself as the best. He always wants to share the glory. That's why I love him. Henry wont be the best player without the others assisting, so every Arsenal player work together. But really, Henry is the best.
25 Sep 07
He wont see himself as the best. He always wants to share the glory. That's why I love him. Henry wont be the best player without the others assisting, so every Arsenal player works together. But really, Henry is the best.
• India
25 Sep 07
Henry is the best player in Arsenal. No questions about that. Fabregas can easily step up to the place and take that position. I am a bit unsure about Van persie thou.
@dodge87 (75)
• Egypt
25 Sep 07
i think anybody that plays for arsenal is talented .. henry was an unknown player till he played for arsenal .... but if you ask me , i think that fabregas is going to be the best midfielder arsenal ever had
@academic2 (7010)
• Uganda
28 Aug 07
Thierry's records are there to speak for themselves, the man was not simply alone-he was caped the most and scores a total of 614 goals in 10 years!What a player!
@ephi4real (565)
• Nigeria
26 May 07
I still think Henry is the best in Arsenal. I also like Robin Van Persie, but Henry still comes first. He has been a great source of inspiration for players and fans alike. I hope he stays on.
@obukohwo (302)
• Nigeria
14 May 07
I think Henry plays better when he is on the pitch with the big boys, he has not been striking the ball after players like Pires,Edu,Bergcamp etc left the club but lets hope he comes out different next season. For the now fabregas is doing well but his position is quite defferent from Henry's in football. Van Persie is also a good striker of the ball and i think he is good too.
@Goldmoney (313)
• Slovenia
12 May 07
Arsenal is one of the few teams that have future in football. Their young team (second team) is one of the most talented. I watch them several times and was rely impressed by their skills and team spirit. When time comes, the whole Premiership and in Championship League will rock beneath them. But now Thierry Henry is leader of Arsenal and with young Fabregas, both supplementing Arsenal as a whole team.
@djdeep81 (1061)
11 May 07
Thierry Henry is a legend. He is Arsenal's top scorer. He is a record breaker and history maker. He is the best player ever to grace in an Arsenal shirt. Fabregas is an upcoming player who has the ability to be one of the great playmakers in the World. The quality of his passing is just sublime. Van Persie has the best left foot in the English League. He can bend the ball when he takes free kicks. But overall......Thierry is simply the best of the lot.
11 May 07
Everyone is Arsenal are talented and this is what I like about Arsenal.
11 May 07
Thierry Henri with-out doubt is the best player not just at Arsenal but in the Premier League. The gut has everything (Pace,he creates goals,he score's goals and they are normally special, he leads by example and he never falls out of nightclubs etc etc. Thierry Henri has delivered season after season after season and he has done at every level. Fabrigas and other will be great (In Time) but they are still boys learning the trade and for me Cesc needs to do this game in game out and start scoring goals (At least 15 a season) as other midfielders such as Lampard and Gerrard are doing every year?