Points Idea What Do You Think?

@Mickie30 (2636)
May 12, 2007 8:52am CST
I want to pass something by you. Obviously I cannot do this since mylot would have to do it and maybe if people like this idea mylot will see this post and decide to take this idea on board. I want to know whether you would like it if we could have a points system. If we had a points system then people could promote their posts based on the amount of points you had. So if a post that had little responses and you wanted it to have more then you could post it with the amount of points you wanted to use for promotion then mylotters could click on it. This would be good for posts that had no responses. I thought of this idea because I belong to other sites that do this kind of thing, but also I posted a post for Spastic Seagull today because it is his birthday and I was hoping to get some good responses wishing him Happy Birthday but, so far I only have 1 response. If I could use a points system I could have promoted this post and made sure that mylotters saw it and that he would recieve more Happy Birtday messages. Tell me what you think please.
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