Did Sheffield United deserve to go DOWN.

May 14, 2007 4:42am CST
Thats really sad going back to championship in 1 season thats really heartbreaking. But no one predicted them to go down. Wigan wins with 10 players and with best players out. Thats why football is on top of most of the games since you can never write a script. Everything can go wrong which did yesterday. Manu losing against WestHam before the clash with Chelsea for the FA cup. Give your point of view?
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• Ireland
19 May 07
No they didn't deserve to go down , Im just glad they got rid of niel warnock he is the biggest moaner in football 'We should have had a peno blah blah blah' god it just annoys me he dose it every game.
• India
20 May 07
Why do i feel that you hate warnock's style of football. Which team do you support
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
15 May 07
More than anything else what is going to be discussed is the fact that West Ham got away lightly and points were not deducted for the corruption charges in getting Tevez and Mascherano. What was ironical for West Ham was that the goal that secured premiership survival was scored by Tevez. It must have been real heartbreaking for the blades, but then football is not for weak hearted. Cheers! Ram
• India
20 May 07
So true. But still whatever the end is more important. WestHam got away and all. But they have survived. Whom do u support?