I am running short of Topics

May 15, 2007 9:07am CST
I post an average of 2 discussions in a day. But these days finding a topic to discuss is a real headache to me. What about you?
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@tinamwhite (3255)
• United States
15 May 07
I really have no set amount of discussions that I try to post...I do try to respond to all of my friends discussions each day....if they interest me and I feel that I can add it these topics.... For me, when I get a thought for a discussion, then I post it...I usally post 2-3 discussions a week....I spend most of my time on myLot respoinding and reading....I enjoy it that way...I do not pressure myself to reach any specific goals here.....but do look forward to daily interaction when other things do not interfere.... I think that I would have difficulty "trying to come up with topics"....for me, that would take some of the "fun" out of myLot.
• India
17 May 07
Hi tinamwhite! I think your strategy is good. However i try to keep a 1:5 Ratio on discussions and comments. Thanks for expressing your opinion here.
@creb11 (416)
• China
15 May 07
Why are you must start discussion everyday?Take it easy, do not make you too worry about it.When you have the topic you do, if you do not have topic you do not need to do that.It will low the quality of the discussion. You can read some other's discussions and you can get some ideas from there.
• India
15 May 07
Hi creb11! If everyone only respond to discussions after sometime there would be nothing to respond to. I like to keep a 1:5 ratio for discussions and comments. Thanks for respoding.
@rsa101 (15483)
• Quezon City, Philippines
15 May 07
Ever since I started in here I am not the type of member that always start a discussion. What I do instead is try as many responses I could since I could easily answer and reply to some interesting discussion.
• India
15 May 07
Hi rsa101! I think it is necessary to post discussions as well otherwise what would you respond to . I too do more responses than discussions. Thanks for responding.