Programs like Gomez Peer

May 15, 2007 4:33pm CST
Do you know any programs like the Gomez Peer? -Programs that pay you for using a little processing time from your computer?
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• India
15 May 07
yeah i know about this program.but i don't know how this works or how to use it.i have downloaded their toolbar but after 2 days when i checked my account the processing time & balance was zero.if u know how to use it .then tell me in detail other money making opportunities & other offers like free sms in india visit-
• Denmark
16 May 07
Thanks for the link. When you first install the Gomez Peer they will evaluate you and determine wether or not to accept you as a member. It can take some time but you should just let it run, I have never heard of anyone who didn't get accepted.
• Indonesia
15 May 08
they accepted me last year and i always get from them aroun $10 - $15 / month
@ahgong (10066)
• Singapore
5 Jul 08
I get paid about once ever two to three months. You can view the payment proofs on my blog. Go to my profile and visit my blog to view them. It takes a while to get this going. But once you do, the cents will just trickle in and you will be earning dollars in no time!
@aconites (769)
• United States
3 Feb 08
how much you earn guys from gomez..? i'v been online for more than two hours.. and my potental earn is $0.01 thats crazy .. why its so low ?? if it stayed like this i will quet ..
@oliverdt (1959)
• Philippines
31 May 08
I earned much as the maximum of $45 and they really pay. Its to sad that the real purpose of gomez is that the client you install needs to be running 24/7 in your PC to earn more from them. But if you only use your PC for two hours just don't expect much from them. Just run the software anyway it adds up. In my experienced The client I've installed from gomez peer never harm my PC and I love how their system use my PC's and pay me monthly. Yes you read it right PC's 24/7.
@aconites (769)
• United States
1 Feb 09
i'v deleted them .. they said there not looking in my aria so i thought its crazy to run the progran for free..!!! so i quiet
• Philippines
12 Jan 10
I'm using tickerbar. But I haven't been reached the min pay. I don't know if it's legit or scam. Anyway it doesn't get in my way of doing things here in my pc so I just let it do it's work. If in time I will get paid or not in this site I'll post it.
• India
27 Nov 09
i dont know why i my earning is so slow i started about 15 days ago i didnt get accpeted and my potential earning is around 0.7 i dont know why it is so low any one please in which location can we earn max..
• India
17 Nov 09
no actually i dont know but according to my survey over the internet which lasted for 2 days i found none
@doggyhouz (548)
• United States
4 Jun 09
I signed up and I agree, it takes awhile for approval. I've been waiting for almost 2 weeks. I always have my CPU on. I wonder if they will no longer have information of packets for us to process.
@HeXeD79 (41)
10 Apr 09
There is currently one program that I know of that is "similar" to gomez peer. It's called "The Green Horse". In the sense of "install small program to run while you make money by doing nothing" type of programs. It is not as good but it does pay out. the minimum payout is 50$ which is the bad thing and if you install the program, you can make 1 cent for every hour online. This means on a computer on all the time you can make 24 cents a day. Once you reach 50$ you can cash out. It's great though for doing absolutely nothing. So far no signs of any kind of malware or spyware. Get signed up and start earning
@ahgong (10066)
• Singapore
5 Jul 08
Of course! I have been with this program for a long time. And they are always paying! And very promptly as well. You should try it if you are not a member yet. I have payment proofs in my blog if you want more convincing. Visit my profile and go to my blog to view them. Really simple to use and no effort on your part to get this going. Other than the initial signing up, downloading and installing the program of course. Once you are set up, you are done. No need to worry about it much till you open your mail box to see the notification that you have been paid yet again by Gomez Peers!
@ghatozkat (153)
• Nepal
11 May 08
I do know other programs like the Gomez Peer. One existed till 2007, it was called Gridfinity. I don't know a currently paying program that is like Gomez Peer. If you want to know more bout free to register making money online programs, you can visit my profile.