is it possible to eat healthy on a fixed income?

@cher913 (25890)
May 16, 2007 9:05am CST
Face it, fresh fruits and veggies (unless they are in season) are pricey and starchy foods are much cheaper to do you eat healthy on a fixed income? any suggestions? (i am planning to grow some of my own veggies, but don't have a ton of room)
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19 Jun 07
I think it would be harder. Although over here there's many places you can pick up healthy foods without spending the same amount as one shop would be. It just takes longer to buy every needed :) I'm sure that could be done there ~Joey
• United States
20 May 07
I stock up on lean meats when there are sales. We use some frozen foods. I use coupons on things that do have coupons. It is hard but it is an investment in your health.
• United States
16 May 07
You can always resort to only buying the fruits and vegetables that are on sale. If you are saving money, I'd recommended, logically, eating less food so you don't have to buy it as often. Clip coupons too, if you're shopping at major food stores. Like someone else suggested, you may also want to try any Asian supermarkets in your area; my personal favorite places for food are Hong Kong Supermarket and Kum Lan Market. HK Supermarket is a chain store (not sure about Kum Lan), so there may be one in your area.
@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
16 May 07
yes it surly is possible...... but you have to educate yourself to do it! Learn to read labels.. look for canned foods for protein.. Beans, fish, less than a Dollar / can. never buy prepackaged, prepared food. its usually too sweet or too salty or has added synthetic sweeteners. Never buy cookies or cake. Frequent the Bulk store, buy bulk foods like whole grains barley and oats for porridge. Stay away from perpared breakfast cereals. Learn to cook. make soup from pork hocks, buy brisket beef and cube it or bake it in the oven with potatos and carrots. and the list goes on and on!
@castleghost (1304)
• United States
16 May 07
One way that you can do it is but large quanities of fresh fruits and vegetables while they are in season. You can either freeze or can these items. As a child my family would get togther at the end of the growing season to get corn,green beans, apples, and such ready to either freeze or can so that they would have them all winter long.
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
16 May 07
Here it is the same way. healthy food is much more expensive than the unhealthy one. We do have some stores that we call "immigrant stores" They are set in areas where there are a lot of asian inhabitants - the stores are always run by immigrants. They import a lot of products like rice, beans, lentils etc from their country of origin. They also go to great lengths to buy really good vegetables and fruits and berries at affordable prices. We are fortunate to have two of these stores in our neighbourhood - if we didn't we would not have been able to eat much fruit and vegetables.