How often should you get a raise or earnings increase?

United States
@coolseeds (3927)
May 16, 2007 1:28pm CST
I own a company and pay people $6 per hour to start. I would like to start people out at a higher pay rate. Most of the people who have applied suck and do not deserve minimum wage let alone more than $6. However I will give someone a $1 raise within a week if they work and learn. I am also trying to develop a grading system for evaluations. The 2 problems are absenteeism and those who don't take pride in their work. I don't know what an employee wants to make them come to work. Nor do I know why those who don't work bother to show up. I usually pay for lunch as well as provide plenty of healthy beverages during the day. More than one employee from the temp agency has gone back and said that they have never worked for someone like me. They say that I treated them well and they are not used to employers who care for their employees. I have been trying to think of creative ways to pay more. I have considered monthly bonuses based on performance as well as attendance. You wouldn't believe how many people do not show up for work. How often should you or someone get a raise? How much should it be? How much do you expect when you get a raise? What incentives get you to care for your work?