Service Provider?

May 17, 2007 5:50am CST
Are you happy with your Internet Service Provider..Mine is good but sometimes not reliable..what are the facilities or enhancements you want from your service provider?
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@rusty2rusty (6766)
• Defiance, Ohio
17 May 07
I am happy somewhat with my service provider. I do like the fast connection and speed on cable. But I think the price I pay hurts my wallet. I also think if you are using more than one service through my provider you should get a discount as long as you use multiple services. Espically since all these services come in through the same cable line.
• India
18 May 07
internet - Network of computers with service providers
Yes this can be said as the tradeoff between quality and price..a good speed requires more money to pay but here in India broadband has been introduced and some private service providers are providing that with somewht low price that I think a common middle class man can afford
• Indonesia
18 May 07
Well, until this time i write this review, i still satisfied with my Internet Service Provider, because i can use my connection with unlimited connection only $32/month through GPRS, about the connection itself i think no problem with it, it is a standard connection, before i use todays connection i have a dial up connection which is always make me irritated it is a limited connection $12/hour, so i decided to change my ISP
• United States
17 May 07
I am fairly satisfied with my current Internet provider. I have had several over the last ten years. All of them were unreliable, and fairly unresponsive to customer needs. In a period of one month, one provider changed the access number on me twice, with absolutely no warning. I got rid of that one, got a new one, and withing a month the new one changed the access number on me, again with no warning. I switch to my phone company's, I also no longer use any e-mail except yahoo. I would like high speed access, but that isn't available in my area right now. So I will be sitting here with my slow old dial up for awhile yet.
@PsychoDude (2018)
• Netherlands
17 May 07
Over the years it has become a lot more reliable, but I wish they'd increase the speeds on their network a bit more, in the past they did it about every 6 months but now there hasn't been any improvement for about 20 months.