computer meltdown

United States
May 17, 2007 7:43am CST
My computer started making some really strange noises. I turned it off via tower instead of going through start panel. Now when I turn it on, it doesn't make any load up sounds. It goes to this menu with a 30 second timer, asks me if i want to start up in normal mode, safe mode, etc. when I select one, it just reloads the same screen over and over. Windows won't start up, I recently moved and I'm not sure I could find the disk. I'm wondering if this has happened to anybody else before, or what the problem might be? This happened to me once before, and I had to get a new hard drive and lost all of my pics, music, info etc. I was so bummed :(
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• India
9 Dec 07
Don't bother,Better to re-install the operating system.
@jwfarrimond (4474)
9 Dec 07
If you select safe mode, you can then get windows started. This may allow you to restore the computer to a previous restore point if not, then you'll have to format the drive and re - install windows. at the very least though, it should allow you to access all your files and back them up to a safe medium. I always have my working files and all of my photos on a separate 2 Gig USB drive so that if I do have a crash, I will not loose any of my stuff.
• Norway
19 Oct 07
I had such problem! I solved it by booting in safe mode and restoring the system to last good configuration
@windhair (498)
• Germany
17 May 07
Did you try the safe mode? if it doesnt work, try to find a bootable CD or USB stick and do a harddisk check when you start up from CD. If nothing wrong with the harddisk, try to recover the system. But there is another worst possibility about such problem, that is hardware defect, such as memory problem.