The positive side to negative thinking...

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May 18, 2007 12:59pm CST
This article: talks about Oprah and how she should stop promoting The Secret because it's a bad way to run your life. What do you think about The Secret and the Law of Attraction? I'm considering sending them the email that they ask for at the end, do you agree with their assessment?
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25 May 07
I lean towards Buddhism in my religious philosophy. I am also very into quantum physics. I do think that our mind and thinking is a powerful thing and can shape our future. I have not read the Secret - I plan on it eventually - but I heard about it from my brother (who claims that he has utilized it and it worked) - not from Oprah ... anyway - as to the woman who was going to give up treatment - I think that is ridiculous. While it is one thing to thing positively and meditate on a positive outcome - it's another thing to stop taking treatment and just expect a miracle. You have to set things in motion. Think positve, mediate, etc but continue with your treatment. You have to be smart about it, and you have to help yourself. Have you ever noticed people that are so negative, and everything that happens to them is awful (or they make it seem so), and they are never happy? It's because they focus on the negative, dwell on the negative, etc. Bad things happen to everyone. It's how we deal with them that makes us who we are and shapes our future.
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18 May 07
It's just a book. If Oprah wants to push it she can push it, but I don't know why everyone takes her recommendations so seriously anyway. She pushed the hell out of A Million Little Pieces which is an amazing book, but it turned out to not be true. I think that people can heal themselves if they really believe that they can. It's just another self help book. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. If I had a terminal illness I probably would end treatment at some point as well to enrich the quality of the life that I have left.