Am feeling bad what do I do? please pray for me

@thefuture (1750)
May 18, 2007 1:48pm CST
I was sent an application package from a school I contacted from the united states. I discovered I couldn't afford even half of the money they demanded and I contacted the college. The sent me message telling me thare is nothing they can do, unless if I can apply for a year and maybe get financial aid for the other year. I feel as if those who are poor can't get educated in this world, but I do believe if the world fail, God will not fail. Pls I need prayers and encouragement out there. Thanks for you response in advance.
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@Springlady (3986)
• United States
18 May 07
I'm so sorry future! Keep trying! Keep praying that God will lead you to where He wants you to be! It is really hard and really expensive to get a good education these days...that's for sure! God can do anything and He will show you His plan for your life. I will pray for you! God bless.
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@abroji (3247)
• India
18 May 07
Dear future, You keep the faith. God will surely provide you for your education. He will not let you down. My prayers are for you.
• Niger
18 May 07
May God help you and hope you can get the education you deserve. But please don't you think that it's only on the voting day that you can change things...imagine that day nobody get out of his house,just imagine how will it be for the system ruling you country????
@ESKARENA1 (18299)
18 May 07
you need to be writing letters for alternative avenues of funding. You need to tell them exactly what it is you want to do and why. Many corporate organisations sponser students through college with the understanding that you will work for them later. Believe in yourself, because if you want it enough, you will find a way blessed be