The Bible: Another addition to Hong Kongs list of indecent writings?

@Latrivia (2889)
United States
May 19, 2007 3:49am CST
While I don't agree with what they're doing, I still find it hilariously ironic. For years, many Christians have fought to ban and restrict writings they found indecent; like the Harry Potter books, for instance. Again, I don't agree with Hong Kong's actions, but I still find it funny that these same groups who fought so hard to take away harmless books because of the content their Bible claimed was bad are now getting a taste of their own medicine. Here's a link to the story:,2933,272955,00.html
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@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
19 May 07
Ha, now that really is interesting and I think a first! I dont ever recall anyone trying to ban the bible or put age restrictions on it etc (mind you being a non Christian its not something I would catch wind of necessarily)....And ya know, though I dont agree (or disagree for that matter, for me its a nonissue really)..I do in a lot of ways understand the want for it...I mean lets face it there ARE parts of the bible that would be very disturbign to a little one or a kid who's been told to read it daily but they arent given any instruction or guidance when it comes to some of the more brutal parts ya know....
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@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
19 May 07
There was another thread on this not long ago, but it wasn't exactly the same perspective, so I'll reply anyway. =p I think it is pretty hilarious that this is happening. I don't really agree with it either, but it is an interesting turn of events seeing as here it's always the Christians trying to get books banned. While I wouldn't call the Bible indecent, I do think certain parts of it should be age restricted. When I was a child, I remember reading the Bible alone and thinking it was scary, and often seemed to encourage bad things (in the old testament). As a kid I remember thinking "Wow I'm glad that's not my religion, that's just scary". So I certainly wouldn't let my kid read a Bible on his own when he was really young.