are you in favor of genuine opposition or the team unity administration?

May 20, 2007 9:32am CST
the philippine politics now a days are much more competeting than before... it is merely for what? for the position they want to seat for? or for many reasons due to that they do have this issue in cork barrel budget from each regions, towns, cities and even provinces. this to gigantic teams are just one of the examples that their competing by their or needs. they don't even think what's best for our country and for the people. please share your ideas or opinion regarding with this matter
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@ateiris (53)
• New Zealand
15 Jun 07
I think the administration is doing very well considering the problem that she was facing, the opposition is just part of testing of her being good leader i am pro admin because if you can see the dollar is down and she make our economy back to what it should be.
@pinkista (892)
• Philippines
13 Jun 07
to be honest, i'll go for genuine opposition (GO) although i didn't vote last election since i haven't registered. My mother told me that it most of the candidates wants the "pork barrel" thing. It's quite confusing what's all about that pork barrel hahaha... I also think everybody voted for GO candidates, especially Legarda and Escudero, it's just shown that most of the people who voted the 2 top senadors are perfect and worth it to become part of the senate.
@rsa101 (16912)
• Quezon City, Philippines
1 Jun 07
I also am standing neutral when it comes to siding with this two political parties since both have their good and bad sides. Politics is so meshed up this day that you could not really pick the best among them to lead our country. before there was only those that are sided with Cory Aquino and Marcos. Nowadays its really very difficult to identify which is which since they are so entangled with each other you could not see the bad and good apple anymore. With the advent of Erap case it has made the political arena diluted more.
@ututen (139)
• Philippines
20 May 07
well i guess we have to be neutral when regarding to politics,we must choose to vote for administration and some from opposition