Do you remember your dreams?

@scribe1 (1207)
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May 20, 2007 10:41am CST
Speaking for myself, I tend to remember vivid ones. A few years ago, I dreamt that I was traveling in a bus or train. Finally, it stopped at a tiny station and in front of that station was a small crowd of people. I recognized my deceased mom in that crowd and left the train/bus to greet her, arms open wide. She hugged me, too. In another more recent dream, I saw my deceased father, who handed me a packet that was covered in wrapping paper that was decorated with smiley-faces. Unfortunately, I awakened before I opened the packet, and never had that dream again. Then last night, I dreamt that I had seen my recently-departed 14-year-old cat, Tabitha. She looked healthy and happy. I think that she wanted me to know that she was fine in the after life. I also think that my mom and dad wanted to assure me that they were very much alive and well.
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24 May 07
You might want to look into techniques that will teach you the use of 'self-expository' writing (writing down these lucid, not just vivid, dreams you are living during sleep)as a method of channeling wisdom from your Higher Intelligent Self to yur lesser awakened being. This might also be a prologue to astral projecting but I have to check into that psychic ability and see if lucid deaming is a key element. sharing the light, Erica, the Enlightenment Advisor, M.A. Transpersonal Psych Studies Counselor
22 May 07
I remember my dreams. At one time I was dreaming about a triangular patch of green grass then on one trip we drove past it! We had travelled that way when I was a child and I was dreaming about it afterwards. Mostly at the moment I seem to be going round and round either a house or a hotel and never seem to get where I want to be and am usually against the flow of people.