Does the sound of your Cat purring send you to sleep?

@hezoid (2148)
May 20, 2007 5:42pm CST
Whenever i am laid in or on my bed and my cat is laid there with me, the sound of her purring happily away always seems to relax me so much that it sends me to sleep! Do you ever find this happens with you and your cat(s)?
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@tess1960 (2386)
• United States
20 May 07
Oh yes, definitley. And if I am feeling ill the cat seems to know and will snuggle up to my back and the heat of her body helps to warm me and put me to sleep.
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@cyberfluf (5005)
• Netherlands
5 Jul 08
I find the sound of cats purring very relaxing, actually it sent me to sleep about 4 hours ago when I came back from my first driving lesson and two of my kitties were lying on my bed. I snuggled inbetween them and one came lying to my chest and the other snuggled up along my spine. They were both purring and very nice and warm, I closed my eyes and when I opened them again it was about an hour later. I did not have the intention to go to sleep but the sound is so soothing and peacefull I just dozed off :)
@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
22 May 07
You klnow, it might sound silly but I do find a purring cat to be very soothing. There is just something about the way they curl up with you, and always seem to know when you are sick and turn up at just the right time. It might not necissarily send me straight to sleep, but I find their company, especially when they are purring, to be very pleasant.
@Katlady2 (9920)
• United States
21 May 07
To me that is the most relaxing sound in the world. And if one of my kitties is laying on me or next to me, I find myself nodding off every single time.
@r3v3ng3 (484)
• Romania
21 May 07
When I go to sleep I always take my cat with me because I love to sleep with my cat by my side.Another thing that I enjoy ..just like you said the sound that he makes. I fell safe when my cat sleeps with me.Sometimes I get some scratches probably because when I sleep I touch him with my hand and he gets scared but this doesn't bother me I still love him :)
@rosie_123 (6118)
21 May 07
Oh yes - I love the sound of my cats purring. It is the most peaceful, relaxing sound in the world! It is kind of rhythmic and gentle - a bit like waves breaking onto a beach. Funny thing is too - if you have more than one cat like me, you can always tell the difference in their purrs - each has a different sound - just like a human's voice or laughter. If I wake up and hear a cat purring next to me, I always know which cat it is before I open my eyes!
@mtdewgurl74 (18118)
• United States
21 May 07
Yes, indeed I do nothing better then hearing your cats happy and purring blissfully and drifting off to it. Almost like rain hitting on a tin roof. My kitten likes to curl up next to my head and I will rub her head and she will start to pur and she is like a little motor and I do find it totally relaxing not good when I am trying to read a book though and can barely keep my eyes open because of the
@KATRINKA (1659)
• United States
21 May 07
HaHa! My cats purr so loudly they keep me awake. Usually more than one curls up with me at a time. But it is cozy and soothing.