will the internet replace the need for real relationships one day?

May 21, 2007 1:24am CST
guess mylot users are a bunch who use the internet also in their spare time. apart from mylot some people are very into online gaming and spend many nights gaming without sleep. do you feel that the pervasive nature of internet in your life and spare time takes time away from spending time with your 'real life' friends and family? Or are these two separate matters - even if you weren't on the internet, you'd be alone in your room listening to music instead of interacting with them? do you think that someday, large sections of the population will be happy just living solitary existences in their rooms with many virtual relationships but no 'real' ones? this has happened to a certain extent in Japan already...
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@ahgong (10066)
• Singapore
21 May 07
I am not the least bit surprise if it does. In fact, many people already are in that situation. In the net, there is some sort of control as to who we want to meet and who we don't. Some times, we can speak our minds out and then forget about it, even if we offended that person with our comments, there is no need for apologies or to face the same fella ever again. Some times, we can be so happy sharing with a bunch of people in certain forums, we stick with them for a long time. Other times, if we cannot get along, we just leave the group. There is very little emotional attachments.
@sunjinwei (104)
• China
21 May 07
I think the answer is clear.It can't. Though the internet has become more and more popular in almost all countries ,we still need real relationship in daily life.We must communicate with each others.
@budsr03 (2355)
• Canada
21 May 07
The internet can fulfill a lot of things that people desire, but people will always need the touch and feel of another human. Especially for real love and procreation! I believe the internet can't replace real relationships. Take care Squaretile.
• United States
21 May 07
Well, I'm a work at home person, I don't go out drinking anymore, I have quit seeing my friends all the time because I'm married, and I don't go on trips often because I'm working on my new business. I am a bit of a computer geek -- I've been at this for around 20 years. (Yes, I'm the Atari Generation!) This has been going on for about seven years now, and I've found the Internet to be a fantastic outlet for my need to communicate. I do stay in touch with friends via MySpace and email. If I didn't have the Internet, I wouldn't know about what my musical friends were up to, where their gigs were, or if they were even alive! So all in all, I can't do without my contact through the Internet. Without it, I'd be in my room, staring at some book, wishing that I could get out and be social. Now I get my socializing done in an hour or so! I come away from it feeling updated, uplifted, and happy. Yes, I think most communications will revolve around the Internet in the near future. I anticipate that camera conversations thru the computer will become more commonplace. If the telephone companies do not make a phone with a camera that is affordable soon, they will lose their industry!