what you will do if sometimes your room mate is annoying

May 21, 2007 2:54am CST
i live in dorm with other 4 girls . most time we get along well . and they are my frineds . but there is one girl who i find sometimes annoying ,like when she is eating ,the noise her mouth she make . she move everything voiently that make nice in dorm. i like be quiet in dorm. the noise make me feel umcomfortable . i told her about it . but it did not work ,
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@shaggin (38482)
• United States
25 Aug 10
Living with someone is always hard. We are so used to growing up and living with our own families that when we are around other people it takes a lot of getting used to being around them all the time like when you live with them and see the weird quirks they have. It took me years to get used to living with my ex and even then when I got used to him things still drove me nuts but I had to learn to deal with it.
@bigcage (108)
• China
21 May 07
just tell her you don't like ~~~, if doesn't work why change your habit , all you three keep her off, loneness is not feel good.
• Philippines
21 May 07
maybe you could talk to your other roommates and let them talk to her. if all three of you are complaining about the noise she makes when she moves things in your apartment may then she would listen.