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May 21, 2007 3:57pm CST
The scientific integrity of the Smithsonian Institute is now subject to question after they skewed last year's global warming exhibit toward uncertainty to avoid angering Congress? A former administrator resigned after 16 years of service last fall over the issue, saying it was like pulling teeth to get solid science into the exhibit without toning it down. I gotta look into this, because if it's true, something has to be done. This is as great an obscenity as it would be if the Library of Congress started giving favorable listings to the books of people who pay them! Some institutions have to be above politics, or the history we are preserving for future generations becomes a fabric of intentional lies. God knows Congress won't tell us the hard truths we don't want to hear! Here's the article I read: http://www.comcast.net/news/national/index.jsp?cat=DOMESTIC&fn=/2007/05/21/668891.html
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21 May 07
That's a pretty good article and reading it certainly makes clear what "sensitive" job the Smithsonian director has. He has to have great exhibits that please everybody! This is impossible but he seems to be doing the best anyone could under the circumstances. The guy who lost his job just really has no idea what difficulty the job of chosing the right displays entails. He needed to leave just to have peace of mind.
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