Do you have friendly neighbourhood.........?

May 22, 2007 4:31am CST
we shifted to the new place about 5 months back. the neighbours of the earlier place which we left were so kind and friendly. All the families in the building were just like one family. Now in the new place there are only few whom I have seen to be friendly. Rest are just touch-me-not kinda people. In fact, on one occasion on the run up to Holi celebrations, I smiled at the lady from next door and said 'hello!' and she just gave me a dirty look and carried on. That's not friendly now, is it?! I am not that bad looking and my friends always appreciate my looks and appeasing mannerism. Also, once there was water problem in the other half of the building due to some prob in the pipe lines. so I asked my wife to ask the next door if they were effected, asked if they wanted any water or to use the toilet etc.. . but my said he was kinda looking at her in suspicious way and banged the door. Nothing! Obviously, we haven't done anything to offend them - apart, perhaps, from movinng in! Never thought about such people. I always found good neighbours or liked to make some good neighbours everywhere but not at present place. Do you have such neighbours? Are your neighbour friendly with you or treat you as aliens?
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@federickp (607)
• India
22 May 07
We came to live in an apartment about 2 years ago. There are 7 families living with us, each in different flat. OUt of that we hardly speak to two of them. My mom speaks to everyone as women share a different gift of gab to get friendly with all other women. All men hardly meet each other as all are engaged in there respective work. But in general we tend to have good relationships with each other. But this is not true with all other ones. I mean people from flat No.2 and flat No.6 always fight with what not reasons. things do become quiet chaotic sometimes. Also there are sone common things which need to be done but people never tend to co-operate with each other!! This is common situation in india, so im now used to it, and accept it unless the noise doesnt comes to my bedroom where i study!