iwant to start a sober living resadence for ex cons and or for vetrens.

United States
October 22, 2006 9:59pm CST
how do i go about starting. is anyone out there that has some expereince in this.
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• Netherlands
23 Oct 06
From my knowledge when I used to live in the USA, you have to have the place and the funds. Then you go to the probations office and ask about licensing and registration. It is similar to becoming a foster parent, but costs more. You should look up your local government offices and get more detailed information and instructions. :)
@Irishbabe (269)
23 Oct 06
i work in such a place in the uk so it may be different for you but. this is how we got started...... we aquired a building off a housing association and agreed to "joint manage" it which meant they looked after the repairs equipment etc... we set up a registered charity and applied for grants/ fund raised etc... for money to employ staff provide meals... then we entered into agreement/contracts with the probation/parole services and they also funded us because we agred to take in their clients who were eligable for prole but had no where else to go... we help them to get jobs teach them how to cook and manage their money....we also had a similar arrangement with some addiction clinics ... this all helps with the money to keep the place open and then we still have beds to offer homeless people on the street we started in 1987 with one house and 12 beds we now have 4 buildings 16 1 bedroom flats and beds for 62 people so good luck if you believe you are the person for the job then go for it..
@erevoz (400)
• Indonesia
23 Oct 06
@Nattiehan (228)
• United States
23 Oct 06
what an admirable endeavor! Congratulations. I would think you'd need to get some kind of government permit. Maybe just calling your local city hall, they could give you some tips. Good luck.
@LadyElektra (1079)
• Canada
23 Oct 06
that is very grand of oyu