i need ur sugest beautiful and helpful suggestion?

May 23, 2007 9:38am CST
I met a girl 1 year ago, and soon we became good friends, I like her way of talking, her company and her caring nature.. I found that my life is incomplete without her, IS IT LOVE or just my IMAGINATION?
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@innechen (1321)
• Indonesia
24 May 07
if you feel that way thats mean you like her a lot and you started to fall in love with her.why dont you tell her how you feel ( if she is still single) she might have the same feeling too, you would never know if you didnt try
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@cassiezm (89)
• Philippines
24 May 07
it could be love because you had been together for 1 year..it could also be just an infatuation..so what you gonna do is take good care of that person.=]
@jillhill (37384)
• United States
23 May 07
only you can answer that. Is she becoming your best friend? You like her company, you like her caring nature, do you feel you want to be around her all the time? I would say it's the beginning of something big! Good luck.
@kaka135 (14072)
• Malaysia
23 May 07
I guess only yourself can tell whether it's love or not. I guess it's a feeling, whether you want to be together with her, whether you miss her very much when you dont' see her... I think she surely attracts you a lot, since you like being together with her. Why not just go after her? Is there anything stop you from courting her?