What was I thinking? Yikes!

United States
@loved1 (5340)
May 23, 2007 12:10pm CST
It is springtime again and that means the battle is on. You know the one I mean! You wipe down the cupboards, wipe down the shelves, sweep and mop the floor and terrorize the whole family about leaving crumbs behind...and yet the ants come marching in. I don't know about you, but I hate them! They will find the smallest drip of anything and invite everyone they know for a party. They are driving me crazy. So what do I do? I get the not so brilliant idea of feeding the daycare children pancakes today. PANCAKES! What was I thinking? Pancakes are easy and everyone loves them, right? Well, a bunch of two and three year olds do anyway and they also love to smear pancake syrup all over their chairs, the table and their heads. As soon as I set the last plate down I realized my mistake. If anything will attract ants, it is pancake syrup. So, I have spent the last HOUR washing the children, wiping down the chairs, table, floor, walls, etc to get rid of any trace of pancake syrup. The entire time I was thingking "You are such a knucklehead! Why in the world would you serve pancakes? Why not just send the ants an invitation in a pretty envelope? Doh!". Is anyone else having ant issues or is it just me? Does anyone have any great ideas about how to get them to form a conga line out the door?