The secret word for today is ...discussion....what does it mean to you?

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May 27, 2007 6:11pm CST
Some days it's really hard to be good here on mylot. I've been busy all day and logged on to catch up with friends discussions, check out responses to mine and generally relax. Unfortunately for me the first discussions I see are people upset because their "discussions" have been deleted. Leading me to my discussion....The definition of a discussion, which is not what mylot has deleted from these people. v.1. to talk about a subject with someone and tell each other your ideas or opinions. 2. To talk or write about a subject IN DETAIL, especially considering different ideas and opinions related to it. n. 1.when people talk about something and tell each other ideas or opinions. I could sit here all day and post links to videos of my kids, grandkids, ferrets and where I live and tell a little bit about all of them. I could sing and dance for you and tell you about that too. There are a million and one things we can do of that nature but I'm sure we could get away with doing it once and that would be fine but more than once I think would be pushing it just a little bit. Now, please don't get all bent out of shape if this sounds like you because I do have a right to my opinion and I have voiced it. I'm curious as to how other members feel about it who just go along and try to follow the guidelines to the letter. Yes, it's nice to show our online friends how cute our family is and how talented we can be but mylot has it's guidelines which we all agreed to abide by when we joined the site. As for "rogue mods" again, personally speaking I doubt that they exist and if they do well then their here to make sure we are all good boys and girls and play nice. Should multiple discussions of links to videos be deleted? I'm sure most don't even care because I really don't but the big question here is should members whose discussions get deleted because of it get all upset over it? the previous comments are for entertainment value only
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@naty1941 (2336)
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31 May 07
From what I gather discussion is a form of debate. However, as mentioned by some of the people that responded to you some discussions cannot be answered with an opinion such as a joke or a recipe. People should not get upset if their discussions are deleted by myLot if they don't follow the guidelines.
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31 May 07
When I read about people getting upset about their discussions being deleted I usually check their previous writings and it's usually obvious to me why it was deleted. I think a lot of people just wake up on the wrong side of the bed.