Getting That Much Needed Targeted Traffic

@re08dz (1941)
May 28, 2007 9:53pm CST
As I've been wading through a variety of different discussions in quite a few different categories I've noticed that there are a lot of people asking how to get traffic to their websites/blogs or chosen affiliate programs etc. While there are many different ways to get traffic to your sites, it's the type of traffic you get that's really important. For example you may get hundreds of hits a day using a traffic exchange, and while that looks good in your stats, for the most part that traffic does nothing to increase your earnings on your site as it's not targeted - people are pretty much just sitting there and waiting for a timer to count down before moving on to the next site - While TE's can be a good way to promote your chosen affiliate program (mylot etc) they really won't help if you have a blog or website - remember too that you cannot place sites that have adsense on them in any sort of click exchange type thing. If, however, you can get people to visit your site because you are providing just what it is they are looking for - well then you're well on the way to not only getting a lot of targeted traffic but also income as those people are looking for whatever it is you're selling/promoting etc. So the key here becomes - good, regularly updated content - the search engines will spider your pages more often and you'll get a higher rank in the search pages - and relevant links from related sites etc back to your page(s) A couple of ways you can get those links and the targeted traffic is via related forums etc and in my opinion the best is marketing your sites with articles - write an article and submit it to the free article directories with a link back to your site - people will not only follow the link if you provide the information they want, therefore spending time on your page and in turn hopefully buying etc from it - and in many instances websites and blogs all over the place will pick up the article (with your link included) and add it to their site - building more inward links for you. If you'd like some more info on marketing with articles along with a few free article directories you may find this of interest Or there's a few other tips to be found in these pages
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