Do you like soybean milk, is it better for health than milk?

@dsuesue (180)
May 28, 2007 10:39pm CST
I love soybean milk, If I get up early, I'll buy a cup of it. Do you like it as well? Is it better for our health than milk? Do you have milk everyday?
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@Madona1 (2099)
• Gibraltar
29 May 07
I was advise by my GP that i am lack of calcium, so I not only have to take the calcium tablet, but also the soya milk rich in calcium. It is very healthy anyway due to it has fat free, which is better than the milk. Normally I have a glass daily.
@rsa101 (16912)
• Quezon City, Philippines
29 May 07
They say the soymilk is suitable for those that have problem drinking with cow's milk. They say that drinking soya milk is much healtier than cow's milk. But recently I have been reading that soy milk has some disadvantages in the long run. I just forgot what it was about. On the other hand cow's milk they say is the most nearest milk subtitute you can give to a child since it contains almost the same nutrients as the mother's milk provided the milk is properly cleanse and put into a process where it could be drank for human consumption. But then there are also disadvantages since they come from animals they still is not exactly the same as those that come from human or mother's milk. many become allergic or become intolerant drinking it as they grow older.
• India
29 May 07
I think cow milk has no comparision in the world. Though soybean milk is also good for our health. But cow milk is natural so it has no resemblance. it is full of proteins etc. I would prefer first cow milk to take. I consume 1 kg of cow milk daily in morning as breakfast. I am not much aware about soyabean milk.