law against US immigrants

May 30, 2007 2:06am CST
why do you think US would legislate for a law "against" immigrants?
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@flpoolbum (2833)
• United States
30 May 07
The question is not whether to have a law against immigrants, our Congress needs to address the situation of what to do with all of the illegal immigrants in our country who are taking advantage of our 1)hospital emergency rooms and going to the ER's for non emergency situations. 2) overburdening our schools when they don't contribute to the cost of running those schools by paying taxes, 3) driving without driver's licenses or insurance causing insured motorist's to pay higher insurance premiums because the insurance company's have to pay for damage done by uninsured motorists 4) working cheaper under the table thus allowing employer's to offer less for jobs in our communities and 5) taking jobs away from tax paying legal citizens who need a job. Our Congress also needs to make it harder for illegal immigrants to get into and stay in our country. Immigrants should apply for citizenship and learn English and about American History and American Government and in order to become legal citizens. It is not that I don't feel for the plight of the Mexican citizens(who is a large majority of our illegal immigrants) who want to live in our country. However, they should try to make changes in their own country by fighting for there rights including the right to form labor unions to represent the Mexican Workers. The American companies that have factories in Mexico have moved them there so that don't have to pay the Mexican working a livable wage. Organize your workers and start a labor movement like we did in the United States. They need to demand fair representation in their government and be active in watching their leaders to make sure that they follow the mandates and address the needs of the Mexican people.