Why do men insist

@tonixxx (358)
May 31, 2007 6:11pm CST
on saying "time of the month" when we are upset or angry. How can they be so clueless as to the effect it has on us. If they are right then we get frustrated because we know we are being irrational but do not need to be reminded, just supported. If they are wrong then we are frustrated because men are so ignorant to our feelings that they think we only showw adverse emotions when we are on our periods.
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@ellie26 (4128)
• Malaysia
1 Jun 07
I think men also get irritated when they women getting angry or upset during those days. I think they understand and have patient too but if it is too much to handle, they will also be emotionally unsupportive.
• United States
31 May 07
My boyfriend mentions that all the time. He will do something that makes me angry and I will get mad and he just says "that time of the month eh?". We have this discussion all the time, then I get even more mad and yell at him saying that just because we are angry doesn't mean its because we are on our period! Then when I am on it, I do get irrational and a little over emotional and he tries to understand and just deal with it but its hard for him. We can't help it!
• United States
31 May 07
I don't know why they act this way, its just men for you. My husband never acts that way, he always just says are you feeling ok or is something bothering you. I don't think he's ever even asked about it, to think of it.