Are you a dreamer?

dreams - a picture of a woman with a cloth-like-net. She is surrounded by a numbers of butterflies. It can be associated with dreams or dreaming.
June 1, 2007 7:50am CST
Are you a dreamer? Do you like to picture yourself in some places? Do you have dreams? Do you like having dreams? What do you do to achieve your dreams? Me, I just want to dream. It's for the reason that it's very fun. I mean, you don't have to physically strive to do things. You don't have to spend money. In addition, it also enrich your imagination. When you dream, it's becomes your inspiration to go on with life.
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@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
1 Jun 07
Yes I love to dream and visualize myself in other places, when I get time to myself, thats no visitors and my house is nice in quiet then and then can I start to dream and imagine, and boy have I got a huge imagination LOL...
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@kathy_an (15)
• China
8 Mar 08
I'm a dreamer in nature but i have to be a doer.Disillusionment is a part of growth.I sufferd from that.
• Japan
7 Mar 08
i like to dream, too...cuz dreaming cost me nothing and am happy imagining things that i can only have in dreams.
@thefuture (1751)
• Nigeria
1 Jun 07
I am a dreamer. I can picture myself where am going to appear in the future. For your dream to come true, you must strive physically and mentally. I mean you have to work very hard, cos hardworking makes dream a reality. Thanks
@firumon (501)
• India
1 Jun 07
Yes my friend, i am a dreamer. I put my self in many places. I dream the things which will never occur in real life. I am the hero of all my dreams. I should maintain the things maximum as reality but the theme of the dream will never occur. Its very funny as you said. This is the way we became hero for some times. I like to view some dreams at night. Some one has told that what you think at night will appear in dreams. But its not applicable to our likes. If we see a horror movie at night and slept, its sure we will view a horror dream. But if we think of our lover and slept, no benefit. Nothing will appear in dream. So i always use to dream as open eyes. More times i dream in journey. What ever may be its very funny and time pass.