do have a pet parrot?

June 1, 2007 9:30am CST
does your parrot talks? what is the name of your lovely parrot? do you know how to train your parrot?
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• United States
19 Sep 07
I have a quaker parrot he is to funny, hes green with some blue & yellow. He talks a lot he is quick to learn new words i leave the cartoon network on for him when i leave the house i came in one day he was saying scoobydoo so thats what i named him his words are i love you pretty, hello pretty, help me help me help me. moooooooooooommmmmmmmma, what ya doing.ok, alright, oh my goodness , let me out and scoobdoo i love you
@BuffMom (2215)
• United States
23 Dec 07
I wish I had a parrot, it sounds like a neat pet to have. I think that is so cool that he learns things from the cartoon network, lol. Must be a cute lil guy.
@xpac_25 (74)
• India
13 Jun 07
hi.. i had a not one.. but two pet parrots.. we all took great care of them and we thought they also had some sort of likeness towards us and they had different feelings for each one of us.. but one day they both flew away and never came back and we decided never ever to keep parrots as pets!
• Philippines
19 Jun 07
im sorry for that...
@maucute (980)
• Philippines
1 Jun 07
I don't have any pet parrots but my bf's uncle do have one.. hehe it's really nice to see them saying what you taught them, sometimes I could just laugh at them for imitating voices and saying the things that he would hear.. It's pretty a nice thing, but I don't know how to train one..
• Philippines
2 Jun 07
its pretty good that his parrot immitates voices...its a pretty good start...
@aconites (769)
• United States
15 Dec 07
i have two parrots an african gray and a macaw ..they always fight with eatch other the african gray its a girl and her name is victoria and the macaw is boy and his name is dexter victoria can say mama i love you mama come here and she can do sounds like a dog barking and a cats meaw and the best thing is we didnt cut her wings so she can fly .. she fly all acros the room to my sholders , some time's she fly to my bedroom,or come doawn the steers to the kitchen .. she know her way in the house .. dexter is a very playfull boy ..he dont lestin to comands but a still love him .. he dosent talk yet but he lerned how to open his cage thats dangeras cause he like to fight with victoria so we had to put a lock on his cage tell we buy him a new one .. he can fly two and when i tell him come here he star at me lool then i tell him okay stay here bye he scream and folow me like kids .. every one think i trained him to come when i say bye but i didnt he know what its mean so he folow me i love them two much
• Canada
30 Sep 07
Sorry "Sydney", my (male) Umbrella Cockatoo, is the "strong silent type". He tries "hello" in a few variations. That's pretty much it. I am told the breed / species is not the "talking" type. Of course he communications quite well in squawks, screams and general parrot-ese.
• United States
5 Sep 07
hi i am Laura and i have a african grey and he loves to talk a cocktail male 4 spice finches 2 zebra finches i love birds