Why do you think 80% of suicides are male?

June 2, 2007 12:56am CST
Just came across this stat. I find it sort of shocking. I'm a guy and would have posted this in Men's Studies but we don't have one. All I'm going to say is I went to a party last weekend and noticed how many guys were sitting around depressed. It was like the women were this unattainable thing and they all seemed to feel inadequate or otherwise bitter. My friend and I left but... I did know this crowd when we were all teenagers and we all seemed pretty happy. But now it seems like the men and women of this town have split with the women's standards higher and the men more desperate. I remember leaving that party thinking, "A lot of those guys look like they are ready to kill themselves." Then I read about how 8-out-of-10 suicides are male. I am inclined because of the two events being back to back to equate them, but am opneminded enough to realize there must be more factors than just availability of women behind male suicide... Why do you think so many more men do this?
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@RobinJ (2501)
• Canada
2 Jun 07
I know this is going to sound odd but with the emancipation of women , we do not have to get married to have a life, we are more than capable of living our entire life as we see fit and no men on the horizon. we do not even need them to have children as there are sperm banks. or one night stands. So there is not the desperation for women any more, and men now have to do a bit more work to get and keep a partner, and most of them still believe that women should fall over them selves when they pay attention to us. It is a whole new world and men just haven't gotten it yet, Sorry I do not mean to come off bit chy I personally adore men but a lot of women do not give a darn, and that is the way it is.