What is your earliest memory of your childhood day?

@1qazxsw2 (512)
June 2, 2007 2:05am CST
This is very uncanny bcos my earliest childhood memory that I can remember was when I was about two years old. I remembered vaguely because it was the only time I got lost from my parents and it was in the hospital where my mum was giving birth to my younger brother who is two year younger than I. Somehow I had wandered off to another ward when my dad was busy playing with the newcomer to the family. I couldn't describe how I felt then but I must have been petrified. My mum later told me I had wet my trousers then. There many other memories in my childhood..I wish they had videocams back then to capture those moments of joys,laughter & pains....
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@balasri (26553)
• India
2 Jun 07
I still remember the scene.I should be about two years old.My grand pa asked my Mum Havn't you washed your baby yet.This sounds similar to 'Havn't you put your baby in the hole' in our language.I was scared to hell and started crying.The sad part is I havn't started talking then.Every body has taken my protest as the usual one for refusing to take bath and happily started bathing me.I was crying like hell till that ritual was over.
• United States
2 Jun 07
My earliest memory was the day after the parents had the shag avocado green carpet (yes I'm that old) cleaned. Whoever cleaned the carpet missed a few spots, and I found them, and I remember thinking that the carpet was two different colors in two different places. I was between two and four years old at the time.