Do You Accept Yourself As You Are?

United States
June 3, 2007 10:45pm CST
Some of us find it difficult to accept ourselves as we are, we feel we have to be someone else. The point of this question is to look into yourself and just answer if you accept yourself. So do you accept yourself as you are? I do, sometimes I wish I was someone else, but then I think about it and realize, I accept myself.
3 responses
• Hong Kong
4 Jun 07
Yes I accept myself as I am and I am happy to be myself indeed. From what I remember I have never wanted to be someone else because I understand everyone has problems and not so likeable personalities, there is really no point in wasting time wishing to be someone else. I would rather use those time developing my interest and traveling to broaden my own horizon. If you are happy with yourself, happy things will happen.
@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
4 Jun 07
accepting yourself for who you are and what are you capable of and acceprting your weaknesses and limitations is far better than trying to be someone else. it is alright if you have a role model who would serve as a guide for you but never be like the person or else it is going to be very is better to be comfortable with yourself and never deny it.if you fail then it is ok because everyone fails even the person whom you look up to.there are more failures than success,believe it . but we have to focus on our own success and never compare yourself with anyone else.
@Calais (10900)
• Australia
4 Jun 07
Of course I accept myself for who I am, and I dont have to prove myself to anyone or change for anyone. I am who I am and thats me. And Im quite content.