Scam me? I think NOT!

United States
June 4, 2007 5:58pm CST
I received a letter in the mail today with no return address, the stamp was from Canada and the post mark was something in French. So my curious nature got the best of me and I opened it. Unfolded the paper and saw a check. I was like ok great another check from one of the programs I am a member of, this is good news since I have bills to pay and summer clothes to buy for the kids. I about fell over when I saw the check was for $2,895.00, I know I have never made that much from on website. So I read the letter attached and it says (in short) that I won in the third category money from a Clorox Foundation Loot held in Dublin, Ireland. This is where I get even more suspicious since I never entered a lotto drawing online or anywhere else. It says I have been approved for a lump sum payment of $120,000.00 but that I need to cash this $2,895.00 check and pay $2,790 for international fees. Then it goes on to say I need to contact so-n-so at such-n-such number to commence my claim. The check looks very real so I looked up the name on the check and it is a car dealership in California. I called them and they said yes, it is their bank account number and somehow someone got ahold of it and started printing checks out and sending them all over the United States, they reported many phone calls for today on the same matter. I am not stupid enough to fall for this but my worry is a senior or someone not as cautious as I am might. These people make it look very real, and one could easily be fooled. I reported it to the local police and they filed a forgery claim in my name. I hope something can be done to stop people like this one day. Has someone tried to scam you before? Have you ever fallen for a scam?
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@ctrymuziklvr (11059)
• United States
4 Jun 07
I get that stuff all the time and you would be surprised at how many people think it's real! I got a check a week ago that my son swore was real so I called the bank it was drawn on just to prove it to him and guess what? duh...scam! I've never fallen for one and hope my son never does.
@tigertang (1750)
• Singapore
6 Jun 07
To be a scam artist, you got to be so good, that it looks true to people who don't think thorugh things carefully. Most of us, it seems tend to look at things on the surface without actually having to think through things. Its like, it sounds good - wow, but we hardly think - why is this being sent to us. Sad but true
@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
7 Jun 07
I just saw someone else, I can't remember who, receiving something like that recently. It turned out it looked very convinving to the bank, as well, but had they cashed it they would have been liable for the money. t seems like that type of scam is getting mroe and more popular, unfortunately. Glad you didn't get sicked into it!