Do you know what will happen when the two Ice Poles melt?

June 5, 2007 5:29am CST
I'll try to put it simply to you... The Earth crust sits on lava... which is a liquid. When the two ice poles melt... it will raise the sea level by two metres. There are two things which will happen as a result of that. 1) The climate is governed by hot and cold currents in the ocean. No ice on the pole... means no cold current. The water of the ocean becomes warm... the whole ocean become green with algae. As the algae dies under the sun... it sink to the bottom and rot... producing sulpharic acid which first kills all the fishes and then rise to the top to be evaporated into the air... which in turn produce acid rain. Acid rain fall on the land. It kills all vegetation... including our food supply. Furthermore we cannot drink it... so we are out of water. 2) The sheer weight of those two extra metres of water push down on the crust under the ocean... Remember... the crust is sitting on liquid. As there is far more water than land... the ocean sink by two metres... and the land rise by two metres. This might be a good thing... as it prevents the land to be flooded by two metres of water. However... it also means the shifting of the plutonic plates. By upsetting the crack between the plutonic plates... it leaves a gap for the lava to rise through the cracks and re-activate all the volcanoes along those cracks. In turn... the volcanoes will create more pollution in the atmosphere. Any comment... Anyone?
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@Calais (10900)
• Australia
5 Jun 07
Its pretty scarey stuff, I dont even want to think about it but its hard not too. Thanks for the information, I learnt a few things.
@easy888 (10405)
• Australia
5 Jun 07
Hello,aussies2007,the ice poles are melting every minute because of global warming and it has been found that the ice has been melted much more quickly than the last decades. If we do not control the effect of global warming, the melting of the ice poles will be a disaster for everyone in the world as we may experience extreme climate,some low lying countries may be kept under water if the water level rises.What happen in the movie 'the day after tomorrow ' may be real at that time.