In China it's death, in US it's business as usual.

@MyoanBiz (140)
United States
June 6, 2007 5:51am CST
For the complete story, visit this link. Can you believe the sort of thing US government officials get away with now days? What would you like to see happen when the crooks get caught? I admit the death penalty is a little much, but I bet it'd make them all think twice before doing their dirty deeds.
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6 Jun 07
They need at least a good stiff fine if not a prison sentence for this. I agree. It needs to be something that will make them think before they would do it again. It would also be likely to stop others from doing it as well.
@MyoanBiz (140)
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7 Jun 07
I'm NOT disagreeing with you, but what good does it do to fine someone who has money? Prison time is much more effective if they can't buy their way out of it. Poor people being fined for something is effective for them as fines hurt them where it counts.
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8 Jun 07
Actually, I'm pretty sure that it's illegal for a government official to take bribes in this country as well. Not a capital crime, but a crime nonetheless. The problem isn't that it is or isn't a crime, the problem is that they're so rarely investigated or convicted. I think the current jail times would be plenty of deterrent if they had any concern at all about getting caught in the first place.