Helping your kids deal with separation anxiety.

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June 7, 2007 4:17pm CST
So far we haven't encountered the separation anxiety issues with our little girl. But, then again, she's usually around people she knows. And, I've never been too far from her side. But, separation anxiety is a real issue we'll have to face once she starts preschool. What can I do to prepare my daughter to be around people she doesn't know? What did you do to help your children with their separation anxiety?
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8 Jun 07
Maybe you can look for a reliable babysitter/daycare where you can leave her for a couple of hours a week. Start with just one hour and slowly increase the time. Have little talks with her to encourage her like how she's a big girl now and she can go play with other friends and Mommy don't have to be around all the time, etc. When you do leave her with someone, you can prepare things she can keep with her while you're gone like maybe get her a little photo album and put your pics and of other people whom she's close to and let her have the album to keep her company while you're not around. Tell her every time she feels scared, she can look at your pictures and that you will be back for her soon. And leave her with her favorite toys and blankie, etc. I remember when I first had to leave my son at daycare. It was SO hard and he did cry for a long time. It took him a few weeks but he eventually got used to it and he LOVES going to daycare now. I think sometimes it's more stressful on the parents than it is on the child! LOL!!
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• United Kingdom
7 Jun 07
This doesn't happen to everyone but if you really are concerned, you could start going to mother and toddler groups or something like that with her where she can be around unfamiliar people and get use to new people while you are there. That way, she will be able to begin making friends and she may even start preschool with some of the same children as at the groups you take her to. If ther eis nothing like that near you, you could maybe try leaving her with babysitters, people you know but your daughter isn't very familiar with and see how she gets on.