My Step-Daughter cut her Eyelashes!

@jennybianca (12921)
June 7, 2007 10:21pm CST
I picked up my 9 year old step daughter after school yesterday, & discovered that she had cut her eye lashes. She did this at her Mum's home, not our place, thank gooness, so I don't have to feel guilty. But what a silly thing to do. It isn't all her eyelashes,but about one third. You can't tell from a distance, but you can notice this when up close to her. We asked what on earth possessed her to do such a stupid act,& at first, she said it was accident, which we know isn't true. Then she said she doesn't know why she did it? Anyway, my sep son said it takes years for eyelashes to grow back. Does anyone from My Lot know if that is true?